Orijen 6 Fish Dog– Biologically Appropriate Dog Food


We believe dog lovers want to know where the ingredients in their dog’s food come from. For this reason we don’t buy the inexpensive, bulk commodity ingredients found in conventional dog foods.Instead, we use ingredients that are sustainably raised within our region by people we know and trust, approved ‘ fit for human consumption,’ and then delivered to our door FRESH.And as dogs of all breeds and sizes are carnivores — evolved to thrive on a varied diet rich in meats, with smaller amounts of fruits, vegetables and grasses — ORIJEN 6 FISH features a Biologically Appropriate (80.20.0) ingredient ratio of 80% fish, 20% fruit and vegetables, and 0% grain — all slow-cooked at low temperatures to retain their natural goodness.

RICH IN FISH (80%)  All dogs are adapted for a diet rich and diverse in meat proteins — not grains and plant proteins. Made with a full 80% of fish, ORIJEN 6 FISH features high ratios of fish protein to mirror the natural diet.

GRAIN-FREE (0)  ORIJEN 6 FISH for DOGS is grain-free and carbohydrate-limited to match the natural diet of dogs.

No dry dog food on earth can match the quality, quantity and freshness of ORIJEN’s fresh regional poultry, fish and meat ingredients.