K-9 Kraving — Elk Antlers and Antler “Splits”

"SPLIT" ELK ANTLERS  – Naturally shed, non-messy and long lasting!

Naturally shed Antlers from USA Elk. A super long-lasting, all-natural chewing pacifier available in a variety of sizes. An excellent investment to appease a canine’s prey drive and a love of chewing. The elk horn does not splinter or leave any mess behind.

Our favorite lasting chew for dogs of all ages.  These Naturally shed Elk Antlers are a long, long, long lasting chew.  Puppies that are teething and dogs that need chew toys will love these… and so will your shoes and furniture 😉  Available in various sizes for different sized dogs.  Split Antlers have much more marrow available to the dog therefore dogs that don't normally show much interest in whole antlers will love these.

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"SPLIT" Elk Antlers in stock!!   Sold by weight/size… Call 530-966-8203 to order.