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  • K-9 Kraving Chew-- All Natural Dried Duck Feet

K-9 Kraving Chew– All Natural Dried Duck Feet Chews


Steroid and Antiobiotic Free

Free of Steroids and Antiobotics, our K-9 Kraving Duck Feet are sure to be a quick hit with your dogs.  Crunchy, chewy and mess-free, these duck feet are perfect for all dogs from puppies and small dogs, too larger breeds and senior dogs.  Measuring roughly 4-5" long and 1.5" wide, these treats are a great source of protein, glucosamine, and chondroiton– a really good choice for dogs with joint issues. 

Ingredients:  Dried Duck Feet– nothing else

  DOGS LOVE, LOVE,LOVE THESE… SO GOOD FOR THEM TOO!  (each duck foot contains aprox. 400 to 450 mg natural glucosamine)


12 Duck Feet for $10