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  • Chuckit! Mini Ball Launcher

Chuckit! Mini Ball Launcher

  • For small dogs
  • Easily throws farther than your arm.
  • Use with small 2 inch chuck it balls.

Pint-sized dogs have been barking for it, now they have a Chuckit! Ball Launcher just their size. The Mini Ball Launcher features a scaled down throwing cup that sends the mini balls a-flying. You can enjoy an effortless game of fetch because the Chuckit! Mini does all the work. All play, no slobber, with hands-free pick up.

Directions: Find an open area, away from people, animals and buildings. With the ball in the Chuckit!, grip the handle firmly. Extend your arm back over your shoulder until the ball is behind you. Then swing it forward in a smooth arc and follow through. The ball will release when you swing it fast enough. To pick up the ball, hold the handle of the Chuckit!, place the ball claw over the tennis ball and press down firmly.

Caution: For small dogs only. For use with Chuckit compatible mini balls only. Launcher comes with one 2 inch chuckit ball.

Dimensions: Launcher is 13" / Ball is 2" diameter.