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  • Blue Basics Turkey & Potato Recipe for Cats

BLUE Basics- Turkey & Potato Recipe for Cats


For cats that show signs of being sensitive to some of the ingredients used in traditional pet foods, less may be more. BLUE Basics is a healthy, holistic, limited-ingredient diet formulated to minimize food sensitivities while maximizing the nutritional value that your cat will receive. BLUE Basics contains:

Turkey, a high-quality protein not commonly used in cat food.

Oatmeal, Potatoes and Brown Rice – Three easily digestible carbohydrate sources.

A Precise Blend of Veggies, Fruit and Micronutrients – Selected for their nutritional value, and their capacity to help in the digestive process.

An Optimal Blend of Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids – Helps maintain the immune system to help support skin and coat health.

For cats with food sensitivities, the ingredients they don’t eat are just as important as the ones they do. BLUE Basics contains:

• NO corn
• NO wheat
• NO dairy


• NO soy
• NO eggs