Why order from GoDoggy Pet Store?


Because we’re here to simplify your life. Our business is designed to save you time. We deliver healthy, fresh pet food right to your home.


You order online and get free delivery within the Chico, CA area. If you live out of our area, contact us first, and we can try to make arrangements to ship to you. Either way, the supplies you need to keep your pets in great shape come to your door.


We are a service, not a store-front retail pet store with high overhead costs. Our focus is on getting quality products to you. Our inventory of premium pet foods and products is managed to suit our customers’ needs. This means you get the freshest possible food for your pets — not something that has been sitting on a shelf for months.


Learn more about our Auto Delivery for Pets Program. Don’t worry, there is no commitment and you can opt out at any time.


What motivates us?


We want your pets to have the best. We’ve put our energy into finding high quality, unique pet supplies. We emphasize eco-friendly and American-made products. We are dog and cat owners ourselves and love finding great stuff and searching for innovative manufacturers who stress quality. Plus, we want our customers to give us feedback and suggestions. If you don’t see what you are looking for, ask us and we will make every attempt to special order it for you.


You can earn GoDoggy Referral Bucks by spreading the word of our service to your friends, co-workers, and family. Every time a new customer places an order with us and gives your name as a referral, you will receive a $3.00 store credit. There is no limit so take advantage and pay less on your next order.


How does our Delivery System work?

Delivery is FREE for Chico, CA (check out our map for our delivery area) with a $30.00 minimum purchase. There will be a $5.00 delivery charge for orders under $30.00. At this time deliveries are only in our free area & we only ship upon request.

Scheduling your delivery is simple. Browse thru our website adding any items that you would like to purchase to your shopping cart. If you are located in our free delivery zone, place your order by 8:00 AM Tuesdays and it will be delivered on either Thursday or Friday of that week.  Please note that your initial order can take 3-4 days. We will then set you up in our delivery schedule. To be sure that you never run out of food, schedule your deliveries using the Auto Delivery for Pets Program which lets you pick a delivery schedule that meets your needs. If you choose not to use Auto Delivery, make sure that you reorder 3-4 days prior to your desired delivery date.

If you would like your Pet Food and products delivered to you at your place of work, contact us and we can work out arrangements with you.

If you live out of the Chico area and you'd like an item shipped to you, there will be a shipping charge added to your purchase. Please note that we currently only ship upon request, so contact us first and we will work something out with you. If you would like a certain product shipped to you on a recurring basis, you must sign up and use the recurring order feature in our Auto Delivery for Pets Program. The exception:  Collars and Leads, which are ordered here on our website and then shipped to you from Wonderdog NYC.  Shipping of Collars and Leads is FREE to customers within the United States.  Sorry, at this time we do NOT ship out of the United States of America.

What about returns?

Our Return policy is designed so that you are completely satisfied with the products you have purchased. We will pick up defective products free of charge and refund your payment with store credit. All returns must be made within 1 week of purchase to receive the store credit. If a product is not defective, there will be a $10.00 pick-up fee and the balance will be refunded to you with store credit. We reserve the right to refuse a return due to damaged product or packaging after it has left our care. Of course, if the product was in unsatisfactory condition when it was delivered to you, we will pick it up and replace it with no charge to you. In this instance we must be notified within 24 hours. For problems with a product that has been shipped, contact us and we will let you know how to return the product to us.

Undeliverable Goods will incur a $10.00 charge if we can’t gain access to your property and are not able to reach you by phone. Please give us any gate codes necessary to make your delivery. For recurring orders please make sure we have all of the information needed to get your delivery to you as scheduled.

If there is a problem with your order, please call or email us immediately. We are committed to giving you the best possible service and that means correcting any of our mistakes in a timely manner.

What about food and nutrition?

There are many different brands of pet food to choose from and sometimes the task of finding the best food can seem daunting. We’ll list a few basic things to look for when you are reading ingredient labels to help decide what food to buy. We say “basic” because there are many other factors that can determine if a food is nutritionally sound and will meet your pet’s dietary needs.


The first 5 ingredients listed on the label should give you your first indication of the quality of a dog food. By law, dog food ingredients must be listed in order of “predominance of weight”. This means that the heavier (or larger volume) ingredients, must be listed first. This is important since it can help show how a particular ingredient in the food compares to another in terms of weight. More volume (or more weight) of an ingredient means more of it is contained in the food.

Here is a quick pet food evaluation checklist. You can use it as a general guideline. Apply this set of criteria to each pet food you consider. We have provided links to each of the Pet Food manufacturers for your convenience. It will give you a surprisingly good comparative view of quality.

What is the main protein source? Meat or meal, general or specific, whole or by-products, single source or mixed? (A meat or meat meal product should be first)

What are the first 5 ingredients listed? Check for inclusion and position of meat, meal, by-products, grain.

What type of preservative system is used?

What are the recommended feeding guidelines?

Does the manufacturer guarantee the food and is there a toll free number on the bag?

Any mention of ingredient sources or ingredient grade/testing?


If you’d like help figuring out how frequently to schedule your pet food delivery, here are a few simple ways.


Check past store receipts or your bank statements to see how many weeks have gone by between your pet food purchases.

You can divide the number of cups of food you feed your pet each day by the cups of kibble in the bag. If the cups are not listed on the bag, call the manufacturer and they should be able to provide you with that information.

If you free-feed, or have no idea of how much you feed your pet, we can keep track of your purchases until a pattern is established.