Chuckit! Mega Ball Launcher


No slobber!  Hands free pick up! A big dog version of the popular Chuckit! ball launcher. Throw big 3.5" tennis or rubber balls farther, faster, and never bend down to pick up a slimy ball again. Durable plastic wand firmly grasps a tennis ball then releases it as you swing. With a little practice, you can consistently throw the ball 100 to 140 feet.

Here's How to Chuckit!
Find an open area, away from people, animals, and buildings. With the ball in the Chuckit!, grip the handle firmly. Extend your arm back over your shoulder until the ball is behind you. Then swing it forward in a smooth arc. Remember to follow through.
The Chuckit! will release the ball when you swing it fast enough.
Aim high. The Chuckit! tends to throw the ball downward. Don't watch the Chuckit! while you throw. Instead, look where you want the ball to go.

Pick It Up
Holding the handle of the Chuckit!, place the ball claw over the tennis ball and press down firmly. The Chuckit! will grab the ball and hold on to it.

Dimensions:  25" launcher / Lg 3.0" size ball

  We recommend getting the Large sized Ultra Ball for maximum durability and enjoyment!   It is "THE" choice ball for larger (labrador sized) dogs!