BLUE- Indoor Health for Adult Cats

Our natural BLUE Indoor Health cat food is holistically formulated to support the needs of indoor cats. It starts with the carefully balanced calories in our ingredients to help them maintain a healthy body weight.

Ingredient/Nutrient Benefit
Blend of Dietary Fibers Supports Hairball Control
Yucca Schidegera Supports Odor Control
Vitamins & Chelated Minerals Support Immune System Health
Taurine Supports Heart & Eye Health
High-Quality Protein Supports Urinary Tract Healt


High-Quality Protein is the First Ingredient
Cats love our tasty chicken, and it provides them with essential amino acids they need every day.

Wholesome Whole Grains
Hearty whole grains like brown rice, barley and oats supply the complex carbohydrates that your cat needs for energy.

Healthy Garden Veggies
Whole carrots, sweet potatoes and parsley are three of the nutrient-rich vegetables that your cat will get in every bite of BLUE.