• Buddy Bowl - 44 oz. "Spillproof" Water Bowl for Dogs & Cats

    Buddy Bowl – 44 oz. “Spillproof” Water Bowl for Dogs & Cats

    Made in the USA

    Go Doggy Pet Store loves this SPILLPROOF water bowl.  No more water all over the kitchen floor!

    The Buddy Bowl is a spill and splash proof water bowl for dogs and cats.   Bring a spillproof Buddy Bowl along with your pet when you travel to prevent needless dehydration in warm or cold weather.   It holds the water inside even when turned upside down!  Great for use in your vehicle, boat, or while camping. It is also convenient for  dogs with lots of hair on their face who are always making a mess when they drink! Breaks down into three pieces for easy cleaning. Made in the USA of durable, food-grade safe plastic. 

    Its unique, patented design is like no other. It's great to have a bowl that keeps water from spilling onto floors and inside of vehicles, But most of all it gives the pets we love fresh, clean water at their convenience.  Non-Toxic/BPA Free

    The new translucent colors allow you to see the water level from the side as well as looking down in the funnel.This bowl is plastic and therefore NOT chew proof.  To clean:  Wash with mild sudsy water.  Rinse well.  Vinegar and water works well too!

    Temporarily out of stock

    44 oz. (1.3 litirs) Spillproof "Buddy Bowl"

    Colors: Translucent Purple, Clear, Blue, Red, & solid Black & Green.

  • H2O4K9 Water Bottle

    H2O4K9 Water Bottle

    Bottle holds 25 oz water – Lid holds 8.5 oz water

    Keep your dog hydrated while on the go and reduce the risk of dehydration/heat exhaustion. Now there's a durable, stylish, and convenient way to provide safe water for your dog wherever you go.

    The H204K9 Dog Water Bottle is the first stainless steel water bottle specifically designed for dogs. It has a nice double duty screw-on lid that is also a bowl for your dog to drink from.  The lid holds a little over one cup of water and is the perfect size to accomidate a large dog's snout.  The bottle is standard sized so it easily fits into cup holders and bike cages making it easy to bring with you. It's made of food grade non-leaching stainless steel. The H204K9 Dog Water Bottle is painted using an environmentally friendly paint finish. The entire water bottle is 100% recyclable and sustainable. Go Green!  Lots of water. That's what your dog needs at the dog park, while on hikes with you or vacationing at the beach, and anywhere else that you go to together.

    Is it OK to freeze my H2O4K9 water bottle if I am going out on a hot day? 

    H2O4K9 water bottle cannot be frozen or the welds will break, however the wide mouthed bottle allows you to put ice in to keep the water extra cool.

    How should I clean my H2O4K9 water bottle? 

    The wide mouthed H2O4K9 water bottle allows for simple hand washing. For best performance, we recommend washing the H2O4K9 bottle and lid by hand.

    Photo  Photo

    Available in three fantastic colors:  Treefrog Green, Racecar Red, and Denim Blue


      This water bottle is stylish and durable– a must have for long walks or play time with a thirsty dog!  We bring ours along with our dogs where ever we go.  Pair your water bottle up with the NEOSLING (an Insulating, Adjustable Bottle carrier/holder) for hikes and walks in the park.        

  • H2O4K9- NeoSling

    H2O4K9- NeoSling

    Insulating Water Bottle holder/carrier 

    The Neosling is a stylish, comfortable and convenient way to carry your water wherever you go!  Soft and stretchy, the Neoprene strap fits comfortably over the shoulder while the insulating material keeps water cold hours longer!   Perfect for walks, hikes, days at the beach, or while playing with your dog at the park.  

    You've already got your hands full with leashes and dog toys when out with your canine companion that's why they created the NEOSLING to carry your H2O4K9 dog water bottle. The NEOSLING was designed to hold all popular stainless steel bottles, as well as sports drinks or other popular beverages.

     With a wide, soft neoprene strap, the NEOSLING fits comfortably over the shoulder, without digging in or chafing. The adjustable strap allows for a custom fit to accommodate all body types. The neoprene material in the NEOSLING insulates bottles in all seasons from heat or cold, keeping your water or beverage at the temperature you expect it to be for up to four hours.