Catnip and Pet Greens 

Catnip and Pet Greens

  • Pet Grass Self Grow Kit

    Pet Grass Self Grow Kit

    Pet Greens Garden Green Self Grow Kit let's you grow your own luscious, healthy organic greens right out of the bag. No green thumb required! Contains only the finest quality seed in custom-blended 100% certified organic wheat grass soil to enhance nutrients and flavor. This kit grows in just 7-10 days. Unlike most self-grow kits, Pet Greens Garden is developed for all pets!

    Cats - Place by feeding bowl or window as a healthy alternative to potentially harmful houseplants.Dogs - Add fine clippings to wet or dry food as a nutrient-packed alternative to chemically treated lawn grass.Birds - Place near perch for a tasty pruning and juicing treat.Reptiles and Small Animals - Add fine clipping to feeding bowl for a powerful source of calcium and antioxidant vitamins.


  • Sratch Lounge Catnip!

    Sratch Lounge Catnip!

    1.4 ounces

    We searched high and low and found that the harsh Canadian winters produce highly fragrant catnip that is coveted by kitty connoisseurs everywhere.  Perhaps it's because it carries the scent of the wilds of Alberta, a place where chipmunks, bears, birds, beavers, field mice and critters of every stripe run riot over the terrain, an embarrassment of riches for any kitty. One whiff and the entirety of these Canadian wilds, distilled into the convenient tin come alive all at once and suddenly your home becomes a nocturnal forest to your kitty!Catnip - Tin